The meeting will consist on a series of presentations (~15+5min) aimed at boosting discussion between all the participants. If you are a PhD student, you will be asked to give a short talk on your project. The rest of the meeting is devoted to hands-on work. If you would like to propose any talk or specific work, please contact the LOC (iberian.meeting4 at


Monday 16

9.-9.30: Presentation & welcome

9.30-11: Talks            K. Uytterhoeven: Characterization of a large sample of Kepler A-F-type stars
                                   A. Grighacene: Time-dependent convection: preliminary results
                                   M. Bazot: Estimation of stellar parameters

11-11.30: Coffee break

11.30-13.30: Talks    J. C. Suárez / R. García: Kepler fast rotating stars
                                  J. Pascual: A general method for filling gaps in data series

13.30-16: Lunch and rest

16-18: Working session 1 (WS1)

18-18.30: Coffee break

18.30-20: WS2+ Tour de table about the work of the day

Tuesday 17

9-11:  WS3

11-11.30: Coffee break

11.30-13.30: WS4

13.30-16: Lunch and rest

16-18: Talks               R. Oreiro: High-resolution spectroscopy of pulsating stars
                                   A. Moya: Pulsations in brown dwarf stars
                                   C. Rodríguez-López: Pulsations in M-dwarfs
                                   A. Moya: CHEAPS: Cheap Cubesat for the accurate characterization of exoplanets
                                   K. Uytterhoeven: The SONG project

18-18.30: Coffee break

18.30-20h: Talks       P.J. Amado: The CARMENES project
                                  J. C. Suárez: PLATO
                                  N. Santos: ESPRESSO

Wednesday 18

9-11: WS5

11-11.30: Coffee break

11.30-13.30: Tour de table about the work carried out. Comments about the outcome of the meeting - Bilateral Actions - 5th Iberian meeting

13.30-16: Lunch and rest

Afternoon: Cruise of Miño river & Visit to wine cellar